Opening Remarks

Aug 4, 2018


Opening Remarks

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Welcome.  The scope and purpose of this blog is to periodically publish guidance on how to interact and operate as an individual in an intimidating environment: healthcare in the United States.  Here are some of the topics I hope to address within the near future.


The difficult to understand healthcare terminology and lingo will be addressed so that individuals are armed with ways to have potent conversations with insurers, providers and facilities.

Healthcare Participants

The operations of hospitals will be discussed.  This will facilitate an individual’s ability to plan around and mitigate what may be a financially crippling life event.

Provide understandable explanations

There is an enormous gap in information made available to the public.  Each healthcare group closely guards their contracts with insurance companies.  The mechanics of how these things work will be discussed.

Dispelling misinformation

This blog will focus on delivering fact based on commentary on corporate and government healthcare behavior within the United States.


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