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Aug 6, 2018


Get Paid for EOBs!

I am offering compensation for complete scans of your EOBs or explanation of benefits documents from your doctor visits, surgeries, hospital emergencies – anything and everything.

The purpose of this exercise is an ongoing experiment in how services are provided to patients in the United States.

Please email me your scanned documents from an email that you can receive payment via Venmo or Paypal.  Complete front and back scans are required.  Incomplete scans and data will not be reimbursed.  Documents with any kind of redaction or editing will not be reimbursed.  These documents are confidential by law. You are under no obligation whatsoever to provide any information.  By accepting compensation, you are waiving your right to confidentiality however I will not use your personal information for any reason, ever.  The compensation is $0.50 per page.  You can expect between $5-$10 back on average for each EOB you provide.

Please email me with your details.